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A Healing Mindset: A Hell Yes to Being a Loving Badass Soul that's Crazy Mobile

Ok, I break my leg skiing Super Bowl Sunday and after surgery am officially the bionic woman, titanium rod and all. I am told only 50% weight on my leg for the first 6 weeks -- and do you think I listen? I focus intently on healing, how can I make this happen faster then what the doctor told me (slow healing 9 month path). I put my energy into healing, a positive mindset filled with gratitude each day. Oils, healthy food, laughter, icing the leg, time off from work . But wait, yes on the outside the leg looks good but inside its trying to tell me to stop using it -- it's still trying to find its way back to its own destined healing path. And its telling me to SLOW DOWN, BE PATIENT, LET GO. Do you think I get the message -- well the answer was obvious at my 6 week xray. Doctor says, have you been walking on your leg? Busted. well, yeah I have it feels great. Then he shows me the picture of the screw in my ankle holding the titanium rod in place that has come loose, almost ready to bust thru my skin. BOOM. Ready to listen now?

A few hours of despair, then remembering that everything happens for a reason. Kari, stop, listen to what your body is telling you. Trust. Let Go. You cannot will your bones to heal faster then they can. You can't control this. Time for SLOW DOWN. What, more then I have? Well yeah I guess so .

And then there it is. LOVE, All around me, from the love of my life. From my friends who know me and get me, and are always there for me. Here is some gifts that I have received from those I am blessed to have in my life, words with so much meaning --truth, honest and pure with compassion and kindness:

You mention learning patience and humility during this process - so I recommend an extra scoop of kindness for yourself too. Being vulnerable (to receive from others), slowing down (to enjoy what is around you), and finding peace (within the lessons about this process) will take time. It always does. We're human. This made me think of the "end in mind" strategy. I'm sure you have thought about this, but is there a way to do it differently? Of course it's obvious, the desired outcome is walking, running, playing with your kids, going to the beach - Mobility. So is there a way to see Patience and Humility different? When deciding to choose Patience or Humility on a daily basis in order to serve your leg healing, it means you're choosing to invest in your Long-term Mobility goal. You said it before, instead of focusing on what you're missing out on due to the immediate challenges that come with not being mobile in the way you're used to... you're healing so you can continue to be a Loving-Badass-Soul that’s CRAZY MOBILE.

Or from my other spiritual teacher:

When I think about the screw, I find myself wondering what is the weight you are really carrying that is not your load to bear, if you will.

Or another:

Your spirit needed this downtime and this gives you the opportunity to dive a little deeper. You will have great lessons to share from it.

So here it goes, lessons learned:

Life is amazing. Love every day for what it brings and find the beauty surrounding you each day.

Everything happens for a reason. Try to learn what the meaning is, and look for the positive in everything, there is always a lesson to be learned that will help you grow!

Mindset is everything, find the positive and keep going, each day is better!

Trust. Let Go. Love.

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