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Aligning to Your Soul's Purpose: Take the First Step and Enjoy the Journey

Everyone's soul has a purpose, and last year I finally took my first step (or at least the first one I was consciously aware of) to go on a journey to align myself with my soul's purpose.

It was am amazing year, with lots of self discovery, lots of pain but also lots of joy. Joy I hadn't experienced in years, maybe not ever in this lifetime. I learned to pause often and to pay attention to the present and tap in to how I was feeling -- what am I doing right now that lights me up. What am I doing that feels natural, that flows, that feels like it's what I am meant to be doing, even when I had no idea how I was doing it (like sitting down one morning and writing an entire organizational strategy ). What am I doing right now that feels like a chore, that doesn't flow, that drains my energy. By doing this on a regular basis, I started to have more awareness into what my soul is truly meant to do, and had an overwhelming sense that I took my first step on the long and winding path to align with my soul's true purpose.

Pay attention. Listen. The choice is yours. And yes, I get that some of the choices once you take your first step requires big change -- and that brings up the topics of fear and courage, but I'll write about that another time. For now, just remember, aligning with your soul's purpose is a journey, and its your choice to take the first step. Do it, you won't regret it. And enjoy the journey, it's really what it is all about.

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