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Inspiration from Within


Courage. Do you have it? We all do if you look within.

When I first started working with my executive coach more then 7 years ago, I set that word as my intention, to have courage. Last night it hit me, so many people in the past few years have shared with me that they admire my courage. But what is it? Here's a few things that come to mind.

Doing the hard work -- the work that takes you to places you never want to stay but know you have to go to if you want to grow. Going inside -- deep -- and seeing what is there and letting go of what doesn't serve you any longer.

Deciding to end a perfectly good 13 year marriage with an amazing person because deep inside you know your time together is no longer honoring each other. And doing it in a way that he is now one of your best friends.

Taking time for myself -- by traveling to Bali over the holidays, which meant being away from my kids at Christmas. And having the internal compass knowing you are doing the right thing to not pay attention to all of those parents who couldn't understand how I could go away alone during the holidays. (By the way, my kids fully understood and how lucky they are to have a mom who role models that sometimes the best gift you can give is to take the time you need to love yourself).

To stay positive and learn to fully walk again 3 months after shattering my leg and refusing to be told to stay off it.

To say I don't want to do this any more, and to trust that the future will bring you everything you desire and more, if you just Trust and Let Go!

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