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Inspiration from Within

You Can. By Florian Sauter.

You know when you meet someone, and you trust the universe has a plan. This happened to me in Bali, I was walking in the rain at my resort and saw a guy, smiled and said hi. That was the beginning of a fast and rich friendship, with deep and meaningful discussions about life, our journeys, spirituality, love, politics and much more. Flo, I miss those morning coffees talking and watching the water, and can't wait until our paths meet again. Maybe I'll see you in Germany next, or better yet again in Bali! Love and light my friend.

This in an original by Flo, about how You Can Do Life. Check him out on Instagram at flowontheway. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul.

You can.

Can you see the waves? The water from beyond? Can you see the rain? The water from above and from the front? Can you feel the wind? The air you are surrounded from? Can you feel the sun? The light from some- where? Nature all around you. You just have to look and see. It's all around us and we

Feel it. On the skin. The water on your chin.

Hear it. With your ears. How the light clears your head. Your heart. Your soul.

Makes you free to believe. Achieve a new level comes out of your soul and body. Dont hide in your hoodie.

Your heart beats. Boom-Boom. Boom-Boom. Strong and wild.

Like the water and the waves come to you with your style. Wild and free.

Dont bind yourselfe. If you do you cant


whats around you. Stay clear in mind. In every corner you can find a hint how to get along with things. How to fly without wings.

Take the wind and go high with it. Take the fire and light your flame.

No shame on your feelings and your thoughts.

You felt in love. And this is


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