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Inspiration from Within

Worry Less. Live More.

Worry. This is something that I find myself doing more these days -- as things happen that I really have no control over. So why worry. This thought came to me the other day as I slowed down to turn within -- what if I channel all that energy it takes to worry about something, that may or may not happen, to instead think about how I want to show up thru that experience. Think about how powerful that is -- focus on how you want to show up, what you want to role model and how you want to weather whatever "storm" may present itself you in your life. After all, how you show up is one thing you can control.

Funny how it all comes back to self, and grounding into YOU.

My son has turned into an instant teen, and I find myself worrying. What if he is being influenced by the wrong things. What if he is gaming too much. Why doesn't he talk to me like he used to. And then it hit me -- stop worrying. The media and articles we see only fuel the worry -- kids these days are depressed, gaming is bad for their brain, kids won't have any social skills and on and on.

I woke up one day and something shifted -- instead of worrying I asked myself: what do I want to teach him as he goes thru this next phase of his journey. And instead of control, what if I trust and let go, but in that space just focus on how I want to show up for him. What lessons can I share? What values can I teach him as he navigates the same things we did as teens on the path to adulthood?

Its a game changer for me. The heaviness in my body lifted, and light came flowing it -- with clarity and answers that the worry kept me from seeing.

It can be that simple, and is just another reminder. #Trust.#LetGo. Focus on the one thing you can control -- YOU, and how you show up to embrace your journey.

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