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Journey to Self: Back to My Natural Body

Since 2016 I have awakened to what I call a journey to self -- getting back to me, my heart and my soul, and slowly healing all the wounds from my past lives that are meant for me to work on in this lifetime. It's hard work, takes courage and each layer gets harder, but I continue to do the work.

Back in 2003, on the outside I was a confident, successful lawyer, with the "picture perfect" (whatever that is) career, family and social groups. But on the inside I didn't know who I was. I was like a chameleon, always turning into who I thought I needed to be, instead of being who I really am. Always comparing to others, never loving me for me. That led me to many not so great decisions, one of which was getting breast implants -- because I thought that would help me look and feel better. Since that time, my health has been impacted -- fatigue, autoimmune type symptoms (joint pain, swelling, brain fog) -- but I never until more recently thought it could be my implants. I tried everything, exploring with many doctors what might be wrong. Nothing, all looks good according to traditional medicine (which BTW is another topic).

So I decided to get my implants removed --for me, it's pretty simple. Our immune system is designed to attack invaders in our body, and silicon implants are invaders, they don't belong there naturally. My surgery is scheduled for September 17, which I view as another key step in my journey to self. Looking forward to my natural body, and loving me for who I really am, in my natural state of love and light from the inside out, no matter what is shown on the outside.


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