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Inspiration from Within

Unconditional Love.

As the sunlight rises and I awaken

The midnight sky calls you to sleep

The moon and the stars and the sky

For me illuminated against the dawns early light

For you shining brighter deepening into the night

Like our love.

Hearing your voice


Reminding me of how far apart we are

My soul missing you yet

Reminding me to be grateful

For every day with you is a gift

And every day you are away

A reminder of the deepness of our love

And it’s connection to the fabric of the universe.


My heart is on pause

My mind quiet

To protect me from the void I feel when you are not here

The longing for the one who completes me.

Yet my reflections remind me

Suffering is from personal want and need

And I am reminded that you are always within

And always here with me

Grateful. Complete. One.

You complete me

You are my everything

You are my love

You are my home.

I need you

I love you

I am grateful for you.

Mr and Mrs Me

Blessed are we.

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