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Self Love. The Path to Soul Love.

How many of us dream of finding love, the kind you always imagined yourself having. Finding it is a key term and one that I used intentionally -- because guess what, you can't find it, it finds you. It happens when you aren't looking. It happens when you have done the work to love yourself, truly love yourself. Self love. My journey.

When you love yourself, you can let go of expectations. You can let go of needs. You can just be and see what comes. Imagine each day, every day, where you can just be YOU. Such a simple yet incredibly difficult thing to do. But trust me, its worth it. Do the work. I did and am still doing it. I always will. There is always something more to discover, always more to let go of, always more to love.

I am blessed to have met the love of my life -- a man who sees me, truly sees me and receives me in a way that supports me showing up as me, every day. He often looks at me and says just be you. He thanks me for being me. .

How do you love yourself? Wake up every day and do something you love doing. Wake up every day and tell yourself something positive. Make it a practice each day to focus on all your positive traits -- pay attention to all the things you do that matter. You have them, we all do, just sometimes they get lost in all our negative self talk.

Look inside - deep then deeper and let go of the patterns that hold you back. Do energy work to help you let go of whatever is holding you back -- Reiki, aroma freedom technique, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, hiking, running, sitting at your favorite spot. There are so many things to help you -- you just need to take the first step, dive in and keep going -- peel back the layers.

Trust. Let Go. Love.

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