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Inspiration from Within

Open Heart = #beYou and The Rock.

Saturday morning. I am finally walking with just a cane -- 3 months has past since I have walked to my morning beach spot. To the rock that has literally been the foundation for my journey this past year to me. It has grounded me, held me, helped me stay on my path and also challenged me when I needed to course correct. The rock has reminded me to keep my heart open, to be kind every day, to #beLove, to #beYou, to #TrustandLetGo.

So I walk -- slowly --- get to the top of the hill, and pause -- can I do this? Will I be able to get back up that hill. I listen within, its a Hell Yeah -- so down I go. Something is there for me, I know.

As I walk down that hill, tears of joy flow. So much beauty. The moon is still setting over the water, the sun shimmering, waves crashing. The sounds of the ocean dancing with my soul.

There is the rock -- and to my surprise a woman is sitting on it. I was unprepared to see someone else there and wasn't sure how to react. I took a picture of her, and then settled in on the sand with a smile, watching someone else enjoy the magic of the rock.

She gets up to leave, I smile and say hi, and share with her that for the past year I have sat on that rock almost every morning at sunrise. She smiles and says that she has too. How have we missed each other? I share about my leg and how its been 3 months since I have been there. We start talking -- and it was as if I was talking with another version of myself. We had so much to share and I knew she is someone I wanted to get to know. An incredible woman with an open heart on a similar journey as me. I asked if she had time to join me in the sand and talk. Her response -- you know typically I would have so much to do but today I don't. Ahhh yes, leaving open space to see what comes.

Our conversation and connection was incredibly special -- from helping others to heal the source of their trauma so they can #beLove and #beYou, to helping ourself to find that deep self love we all need and crave, to traveling alone unplanned and unscheduled, to our tattoos and their meaning, to the amazing people we have in our tribes and so much more .

Grateful to the universe for reminding me to leave space to see what comes, to ground myself at the place that keeps my heart open and to always stay open to connecting with others. Thank you Alyson!

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