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Inspiration from Within

Home is Where Your Heart Is.

That beautiful feeling -- I am home. Home with my heart. Home with my soul. Home with my love. Home.

The past two years I chose a different path -- leaving a stable yet somewhat unhappy life for what I knew could be yet had not idea what it was. Spending time enjoying the quiet of being alone. Long morning meditations on the beach, Deep reflection, learning to pay attention to my heart and letting it guide me. Learning to walk and run again after breaking my leg. Committed to being ME and not what anyone else tells me I should be, and loving who I am. Learning to just #beLove. Learning to #TrustandLetGo.

This weekend, as I spent time alone just flowing, I realized that home is where your heart is, a wide open vulnerable heart. A cared for heart, filled with self love. An authentic heart that feels joy and pain equally. A caring heart that aches when others ache. A dark heart that knows the shadows that tease and taunt. A vulnerable heart, that lets others in. A joyful heart that appreciates the beauty that surrounds.

I have found my heart. If you haven't yet, go find yours -- for that is HOME.

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