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Gatorade Calling. Listen. Your Body Knows.

So how many times have you heard that “inner voice”. — that distant yet really clear message that is floating around inside —that you ignore. And how many times have you reflected back and said “I should have listened.”

I was reminded of how important it is to trust that inner voice this weekend. When connected to source, the gift is an inner knowing, which unfortunately most of us are conditioned to not pay attention to or trust.

Traveling to a small mountain town in Colorado with my love for the weekend to help pack up the family home that they sold, and never before having any issue with altitude. Not even in my awareness. I recently hiked Mt. Batur (twice) in Bali and made it up in record time. Ok, that was before breaking my leg, but still.

First day no issue. Nothing strenuous, packing up files and out to dinner. But at night I couldn’t sleep —and I think oh that might be the altitude. Wake up to get ready and notice deeper circles under my eyes, — and I think oh its the wine from the night before. See the pattern. I wasn’t listening.

Spend the morning at the family house. Drinking lots of water. Drive down the mountain to run some errands and then we head back up. Meet a friend for coffee - as I walk into the coffee shop the Gatorade keeps calling to me. I must have looked at it 5 different times. I ignore it - thinking too much sugar — and have a coffee instead. What a mistake.

Around 6 I start feeling like I am in a fog and its hard to focus. Then a bit nauseous — I try to lay down but it gets worse. We realize I need to go down the mountain. We grab some canned oxygen as we go. I am getting worse, my hands and feet start tingling and getting numb, and I am having trouble talking. I feel like I am going to be sick. My body is shaking and getting cold. Faster I say — as we look for urgent care or ER.

We get to ER and I can barely speak, can’t control my legs, and feel so bad its worse then childbirth. And then we wait — for 4 hours without any help. I am vomiting into a pan I am holding, begging for an IV. I drink some Gatorade. Yes did you catch that — Gatorade. And think —if I had only listened and had that Gatorade when my body told me I needed it.

6 hours later — two IV’s, a chest X-ray, EKG and blood work — and another stint at a hospital with my amazing man (who was with me at the hospital when I broke my leg in February) —I am released feeling like a train hit me. We check into a hotel down the mountain to get some sleep and recover. Another trip detoured by a trip to the hospital.

Listen to the signs, that inner voice. That inner voice always guides you when you pay attention.

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