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Inspiration from Within

Courage to ... Trust. Let Go. Love.

Chaos. Change. Us humans don't like it, but when you embrace it, and tune in to that internal compass, the magic happens. Trust. Let Go. Love. Its that simple and yet its not.

This has been my experience the past few days. My life lessons hitting me in the face, and taking my breath away. Am I doing this again, maybe, but maybe its time to do it differently.

I have been out of sorts the past few days, nothing flowing, not grounded, tears flowing as I listen to soulful music that was a key part of my journey to self over the past year or so. Closing my heart, trying to run. But I can't anymore, something has shifted.

Big changes ahead, leaving behind what I created to connect with self, my sacred and safe space where I could be me, and relearn who I was. So much change, so much growth - am I ready? Fear is so powerful but also so misguided, it does not align you with your soul's purpose. Courage does, inner strength.....

I pause, do what honors me, and remind myself Trust. Let Go. Love. and like that, it happens.....the light is back.

  • My teams at work are alive, engaged and I feel that I am helping them be the best they can be.

  • My tattoo artist that I reached out to about a month ago replies today, and I am seeing her next week -- yes the tattoo is Trust. Let Go. Love.

  • My dear friend from middle school is vulnerable and shares that they really needed me to be there and I wasn't. I let him down and make a promise to be a better listener to what others need.

  • My first boyfriend and true love, really pure innocent love, at the age of 13reaching out and connecting knowing that what we shared together was a key part for each of our soul's journey and something we are forever grateful for, and finally having the conversation 30 years later we always wanted to have.

  • My love of my life, who finally found me in this lifetime, being patient and seeing me, really seeing me and never letting me run, reminding me to just BE ME -- and that is enough

Showing up with courage to say I want to do less and have more time to do what I love, and witnessing how that energy flows into everyone around me. To take the time to listen and connect with friends who I haven't made time for (I am sorry).

Pono, Pono. Align with your soul's purpose. Magic.

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