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Inspiration from Within

Be Open to Receive.

Shadows, sometimes dark. Sometimes shutting you down. Yet even in those moments, if you stay open to receive, beautiful things happen. The other day I paused to reflect on this, you see it was a day where I wasn't in the flow, nothing going as I wanted it to -- yet two incredible things happened that day that reminded me that being open to receiving is just as important to giving. So thank you to all in my world who connect with me and fill me up with love. My heart is open to the universe, and grateful for the times when I am filled up with all that comes from sharing experiences with others.

A few weeks ago, I had helped a friend get started with her new place, and it filled my heart with joy to see her take this BIG step to go on her own path, for her and her kids. That joy was all I needed. But there she was, several days later, bringing me a few items she had so thoughtfully chosen for me that it caused me to pause, with tears in my eyes. Everything blue (my color) and items dear to me -- a Nepal sound bowl, a lotus flower like the one on this blog and in the medicine buddha's hand, and a chakra necklace. At that moment, I smiled and shared that it was just what I needed, and thank you just didn't seem enough. If only she knew that she gave me the exact medicine I needed in that moment.

That same day a coworker texts me -- are you free, I want to show you something beautiful. I was and she showed me a picture of a memorial stone that was being placed in a garden in honor of her beautiful daughter, who moved on to her next soul journey way too soon for those who loved her in this lifetime. The conversation we had touched my soul deeply as I shared just a glimpse of my coworkers difficult journey with her, feeling sadness yet also so much love for the progress she has made in coping with such a loss, and honestly for trusting me enough to share this beautiful moment.

Do you pause to receive? To see life thru others' experiences? To just be there for them, and let them be there for you? To listen, to learn, to laugh, to cry, to love - to just be in it with them. That is living life, that is how to make a difference. #beLOVE #beYOU#beLIGHT

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