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Inspiration from Within

A Wide Open Heart. Its Time to Move On.

Today is a significant day, its the last day at my beach house... the space that I created to keep me safe on my journey to ME. The place where I took down the shields and let people see me, really see me. Where I found the courage to stay on my path, no matter how hard it got. Where I met someone special to me, a deep and ancient friendship -- Danny, if it wasn't for you I don't know where I would be. Thank you for seeing me and reminding me of who I am. And for all those times we just sat there on my couch, talking, listening to music, thru all the ups and downs.

My heart is open, and I will keep it that way. No more running away. No more shutting down out of fear. I choose to do it differently this time. This morning I woke up and knew what I had to do. Almost 4 months after breaking my leg it was time to walk, alone, on my own, and climb up to my rock, like I had done every day for the past year and a half before I broke my leg.

Rituals. They matter. They ground you. They open your heart. They give you courage to do what you need do. Create your own -- and honor it, do it every day.

Here is me on the rock and the words that came:


Pulling, pushing, putting in motion that to which we are intended to surrender.

Human nature.


To the magical rhythm of the universe

To the beautiful dance inside your soul.

To the ancient wisdom we have long since forgotten.

See it. Feel it. Let it guide you.

All is as its meant to be.

Trust. Let Go. Love.

Time to move on, full of love and a wide open heart.

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