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Inspiration from Within

A Soul Awakening on Her Journey to Self

The ocean waves breaking with frothy delight The dolphins playing to a rhythm known yet long since forgotten. The history we know is in us, around us, yet so unfamiliar The mystery abounds, it is there to see But who is looking.

The doors unfold to another place and time This is home. This is where we are meant to be.

Do not go lightly The time is ours This we know.

There is hope, there is light. There is we. This we know.

There is time to heal. There is time to make it different. This we know.

There is beauty. There is abundance. It is ours to reclaim.  This we know.

There is love. There is magic and mystery. This we know.

It's time to wake up. This I know. It is time. It is time. I am home.

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