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Stories About Connection

Meghan, Introduced by a Mutual Friend

Where do I start with Kari Prevost. I was fortunate to have been introduced to Kari in the past year and she has become a mentor and a dear friend. 


For almost all of my professional life I have struggled with a lack of self-worth and lack of confidence, which has resulted in tremendous unhappiness with my work output, with my relationships at work and to work in general. I tried many modalities over the years, different types of therapy and different types of group personal development programs. 


But something magic happened when I started talking to Kari. She has a unique and uncanny ability to very quickly assess what is going on with a person and offer simple yet very effective suggestions for new ways to look at situations and how I can show up differently. 


Her wealth of experience combined with her ability to deeply understand and connect with me created this incredible blend of heart-lead, spirit-infused guidance that has truly transformed my experience with work. Now I am enjoying my work, I am interacting with all coworkers very effectively and I feel aligned for the first time in my life around work. Kari is helping me release blocks and step into my authentic self.

Kaitlin, Former Co-Worker and Friend

I remember the first time I connected with Kari. It wasn’t the first time we spoke; we’d been working together professionally for over a year at that point; however, it was the first time I truly opened up - both to her and to myself. I was stuck to say the least…I wasn’t fulfilled in my personal life and I couldn’t figure out why or what to do. 


As a true friend and mentor, Kari took a different approach than I was expecting. She didn’t tell me what to do, or what not to do. She listened first. She asked questions that challenged me to be vulnerable and honest. She was so confident that everything I needed was already inside me, it was impossible not to manifest this courage and trust in myself. Needless to say, while it wasn’t easy, I was able to uncover why I was stuck, make (hard) decisions to move forward, and change my life in so many positive ways. 


Since then, whether it’s life’s road blocks, challenges with communicating with myself or others, or needing someone to push me out of my head and into my heart, there have been countless examples of Kari using her gifts to help me help myself. I’m so excited that others have the opportunity to experience the magic that is working with Kari!!! 

Rebecca, Introduced by a Mutual Friend

Kari is extremely intuitive and what I would call an empath.   We were introduced virtually through a mutual friend, as a reference for his coaching work.  By the end of our call,  I asked Kari if I could work with her - she was understanding, caring, positive, and encouraging, and had a way of looking at life from the possibilities of the limitlessness of what can be created if one faces their fears and follows their true inspirations.   


At that time, Kari was still transitioning from her corporate career so we didn't  work together, but during the following year, she checked in with me seemingly out of the blue many times.  Kari always seemed to text me when I needed someone to talk with. It was on a particularly low day (my last birthday) that I felt I had hit bottom, and Kari texted me inquiring how I was doing, and I asked her if I could call her.   We talked, and during our call Kari agreed to start working with me to help find my authentic self.  

Our “work” together was short.   Kari is quick to let you know that she is not trying to become a crutch.  Proving to be true to her word, she recommended that I listen to a podcast, and after one listen to Joshua Live, something in my soul connected that raised my vibration, and I too now see the limitless nation of life and of myself.  I have made huge changes in my life -- the podcast was what I needed to shift, face my fears and expand.

Kari taught me this – she demonstrated this to me through her life.  So, if you are inspired to work with Kari, take the first step and send an email.  That one small step can very well be the catalyst for opening up your eyes to all the limitless possibilities that exist in your life too!

Kyle, Nine Gates Mystery School Cohort

Kari exemplifies big heart energy.  There is a timeless authenticity to Kari that is hard to put into words, but is a feeling you have when you are in her presence.  It is like the ancient timeless of being in the desert or in walking in the quiet of softly falling snow.  Kari’s humility and self-awareness enable her to guide me to reach a new perspective or way of looking at my problem but she enables me to arrive there on my own.  Kari has helped me reach a greater sense of peace through traversing the hard edges of difficult material and emotions.  Perhaps Kari’s greatest gift is that she creates a safe container for me to be free to be extremely vulnerable, open and honest without fear of judgement.  In this container filled with love and support, I have experienced real and truly remarkable growth. 

Eileen, Collaborator and Consultant Extraordinaire

Kari is a beautiful combination of a positive, open, loving, divine spirit and a human with exceptionally strong communication skills, intuition, and business savvy. She can decipher and navigate difficult waters, create, develop, innovate new directions for people and business and guide others to remove roadblocks, uncover your unique essence, and help you tap into your inner genius and unlock your own power. She is astute, direct, and moves the needle in a positive direction. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Kari and highly recommend her to individuals and businesses.



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