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Connecting YOU to Your Inner Courage and Wisdom

A Guided Journey To Your Authentic Self 

Removing Blocks To The Answers Within YOU

Are you feeling stuck?  Feeling like there is more for YOU to do, but you don't know how or where to start to move forward.  I can help you find your inspired path to break free. 

I will guide you to listen to your own inner wisdom and tap into the answers within YOU! 

Wisdom Whispers ​

Ready to be guided to discover the path to your own inner wisdom.


Only YOU know the answers, they are within YOU. ​

I am here to help guide you to your path, but I am only a guide, because it's YOUR unique journey.   ​

Let's begin, one conversation at a time, with me, YOU and those who guide you. ​

A Roadmap to Your Unique Essence​

This Is Your Unique Journey – let's work together to design your path. ​

This isn't therapy.  It's having a trusted partner to listen to YOU, to ask guided questions and to help you listen to your inner wisdom.  ​​

We will create a personalized roadmap to your heart and your soul.  This will include resources tailored just for YOU and routine practices to support you on your journey.   ​

Divine Wisdom Circles 

Wanting more authentic, heart -felt connection?  Let me guide you and a group of friends with a circle experience, custom designed for your group, to open and connect your hearts. 

The Art of Beautiful Conversations

Relationships – at work, at home, wherever they are in your life -- are meaningful when you learn the art of communicating from your heart.  

I can help you learn how to take your conversations deeper, and teach you how to say what you really want to express, but may not know how. You will learn how to communicate from your heart space and speak your truth from a place of love and kindness. 

Getting Real: Parents of Teens

As a parent of four teenage boys, I have spent a lot of time meditating on how to best support each kid on their unique journey. And more often than not, it's hard to stay grounded as myself while also showing up for them.  Let's chat about ways to raise empowered and self-confident teens, while also staying on your journey to your authentic and happy self. 

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