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Dolhareubang with Sunset

People First Culture Strategy

Culture is like a garden -- you need to cultivate it over time once you define your vision.  You start by creating a space and planting seeds to begin the growth, and then provide care and love as it grows, tending to what supports your vision and refusing to allow what doesn't serve it.   


Culture is not a top down approach -- it's something you create organically, based on the collective pulse of your organization.  Any company can do this – IF the CEO and C-level leaders are willing to look within (the company and themselves) and do the work. Are you ready? 

I had the privilege of spending the last 16 years partnering to create a workplace where everyone flourishes -- a work culture/community grounded in values lived and role modeled every day, upon which we built trust, connection, collaboration, innovation, personal and professional growth and outcomes for impact.  If you are ready, it would be my privilege to support you in creating your people first workplace culture so you and year team can maximize impact for everyone --  your employees, your customers, the communities you serve and society as a whole. 

Step One 

Culture Vision and Assessment

Every workplace is different and has its own essence.  To ensure we create something that is right for your company, let's start with defining your Culture Vision.  I then actively listen with you -- to tap into the current pulse of your workplace.  This allows us to learn more about what is working, what isn't and to hear what ideas your team has for making changes.  You may be surprised at what we learn by taking the time to ask AND listen! 

Step Three

Planting Seeds 

Step Two

Leadership Alignment to Culture 

You can't create a workplace community if the CEO and leadership team are not aligned with the Culture Vision.  This step requires us to explore the current mindset of your leadership team and to seek to understand what needs to shift to support the desired Culture.  We then partner together to develop alignment, which often requires team work to look within and improve leadership team dynamics. 

Step Four

Tending As You Go 

We create a strategic framework for the desired Culture Vision, and partner with the CEO and leadership team to agree upon a plan to plant the first seeds and tend from there - with agreement among the team on each person's role to tend to the Culture Vision.   

Culture is a living, breathing essence -- so we will create a process for your leadership team to pause, assess what is working well, what is missing and what needs to evolve, and then mindfully adjust as needed to continue to create the Culture Vision. 

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