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Inspiration from Within

Embodied Love. Undefended Heart.

The Winter Solstice -- and I am here again facing the same patterns I thought I had already worked thru. Negative energy penetrating my core -- instead of love and light. Feeling disconnected from self, from the love that surrounds me. Yet it won't win, because love wins, always. Thanks to the powerful healers I am blessed to have in my life, I was reminded to look within; that the answers are there.

Those feelings of not being worthy of love, disconnecting my inner child from my heart, and encircling her with darkness, alone and afraid. My body hurting and in pain, trying to tell me the things I can't see.

Embodied Love. Undefended heart.

As I look within, the light comes, and I am gently reminded that I have done this battle before and won, and that I have the courage and strength to do it again, this time wiser and stronger, with a deep seated knowing that I am worthy of love, including my own.

Happy Winter Solstice from my heart to yours.

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