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About Me


I have been blessed to live my 53 years as a curious learner, always growing and learning from many different experiences.  

But after 40 plus years of always trying to be what I thought myself and others wanted or needed me to be, I was lonely, unhappy and didn’t love myself.   On the outside I had it all -- successful career, beautiful husband and kids, amazing friends -- but deep inside, I knew there had to be a different path to the inside -- to feeling love and joy -- so I began my own journey to explore within.  To learn who I am at my soul level and how to love myself, authentically as me.   That journey still continues but it has opened my heart and filled my life with love and incredible experiences.    

My dream is to help others learn, like I have done, how to find their inner courage and wisdom to live life authentically, grounded in self-love.  The world needs more love, and my hope is that if we each work on loving ourselves more, we can share that love with others.  


This site isn’t a polished brand or marketing platform, there are no airbrushed photos or perfectly scripted stories —its just me letting you know I am here, I see you and I would love to connect and help you find your inner path to living as your authentic you, in all areas of your life, as ONE YOU --  at home, at work, in community.  

Reach out and let's connect, it would bring me great joy to explore your path to YOUR authentic self. 


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Spiritual Seeker on Journey to Self.  Wisdom Muse.  Lightworker and Wayshower.  Manifestor.  Heart Leader. Master Connector. Soul Poet. Goddess.  Mama to 4 Teenage Boys.  Former corporate Executive of People and Culture and once upon a long time ago, a real estate attorney. 

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